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You know you've played tooo much zelda when....
-you attack bushes claiming they were spitting stuff at you
-You think your closet is the sacred realm
-When you go to the beach you go in the water, trying to find Hyrule.
-you put a triangle on your hand and think you have been given power.
-you think you can control the wind by waving a single baton
-if you converse with a fish asking for maps
-you can beat the savage labrinth with your eyes closed without getting hit.
-When you think tornados can take you anywhere
-when you stab someone you thought it went through them and did no harm.
-you kill birds next to your sister, thinking you saved her
-you talk to trees
-you think giant fish can speak an ancient language
-whenever you see light comming out of the ocean, you jump in it trying to get to Hyrule
-when a tornado comes near you, you shoot it with arrows to make it stop.
-when you think flowers can grow bombs...
-when you think that big monsters like locking themselves into rooms from the outside...
-when you shoot a fish to help its back via acupuncture...
-when you can taste your old grandmothers elixir soup...
-when you think that little stumpy armed koroks can play violins...
-when you actually consider the previous question...
-when you are stupid enough to add to this page...nooooooo!!!!
-You have fear of pigs for you think that Ganon's evil is radiating from them.
-You throw rocks trying to find rupees
-You add some green food coloring to water, drink it, and you try to light an arrow on fire with your so-called "magic"
Thanx to people of gamefaqs for a whole bunch of those!
more to come! Submit your own!
the video game 5 word story!
One day, Mario went outside to find luigi when he found a note from him that said "Mario, I need new Plungers".  So Mario went to Hyrule.  Ganon kidnapped Peach and luigi...
at the kingdom Blargindibblenaulkem. Boo!
Then scratch butt fungus intimately!!
For no reason sephiroth started
Submit a 5 word e-mail to continue on this!
So, whats the most retarted thing you ask?  I'll tell ya!  It's those damn eject buttons on the VCR remote! Whats the point?? You have to get up anyway to get the tape out!
Now..there's a water buffalo...not a small water buffalo a big water buffalo!  So then the buffalo was walkin' along flapping trying to don't ask me why the hell it was tryin' to fly..but then the bird came over him and crapped on his head! I don't know where the hell he came from...but that's beside the point!  The died! And then the came down to eat the buffalo! But the buffalo was still alive!  It got back up..and it ate the birdy!  It tore it's leg off and then poof! Feathers everywhere!  And then a bird flew into the buffalo and it sat there...and sat there...and sat thereand sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there and sat there...and sat there...and then it died!  But the bird lived!  Then he buffalo fell over and splattered the bird...and then they fell through the ground tickity doo the end! 
Omega Inuyasha busted his ass on his skateboard and a dirt pile the other.  The skateboard flew and he rolled over the dirt pile.  Yes this is a true story :P

Anyone remember Dovil? Recent reports show that he's trying to have kids with dark goten's sister..