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The Races of the Zelda Series
This is the main race of Hyrule.  They can be found all over Hyrule.  Most are found in Hyrule Castle Town.  This is where the Temple of Time is located, which houses the Blade of Evil's Bane, or what it's better known as, The Master Sword.
Important Hylians: Link, Zelda, Daphnes Nohanses Hyrule (king of Hyrule), Rauru
The Kokiri stay children forever.  Even after 7 years they still don't grow.  If they leave the forest they will die.  They are found in the Kokiri Forest in Hyrule.  Link was raised among them.
Important Kokiri: Saria, Fado
These are the rock people that live on mountains.  They live off of rocks.  This is why their life is threatened in Ocarina of time.  They are found on Death Mountain (Hyrule), Snowhead (Termina), and Goron Mountain (Holodrum, Labryna). They fear water as they sink right to the bottom.  This is why only 3 remain in Wind Waker.
Important Gorons: Darunia, Biggoron, Darmani
These are quite possibly the most powerful race.  The Zora's can survive on both land and water.  There are no Zora's in Wind Waker simply because the Great sea is filled with Predators and one other reason which will be mentioned later.
Important Zoras: Ruto, Laruto, King Zora
These are the bird/humans found on Dragon Roost island in Wind Waker.  They evolved from Zoras after Hyrule was flooded by the Gods.
Instead of getting better they got worse.  The dragon, Valoo, arrived and his scale caused them to grow wings.
Important Rito: Medli, Komali
These are the little tree things in Wind Waker.  They evolved from the Kokiri simply so they could survive on the great sea.  They still live under the Great Deku Tree and have a ceremony every year so keep the Deku tree alive and so more forests can be planted.
Important Koroks: Makar
We also have a timeline for you.
1. Ocarina of Time-Ganondorf rises to take Hyrule
2. Majora's Mask-Link goes out to Termina.  Triforce of Courage shatters.
3. Wind Waker- Ganondorf returns and is turned to stone.
4. Four Sword-Vaati the wind mage is released from the four sword.
5.  Link to the past-Ganon returns, and creates Agahnim to open the dark world.
6. Legend of Zelda-Ganon once again returns and is burned to the ground.
7. Adventure of Link-Ganon's ashes are put on link's blood to make shadow Link.  A wizard casts a spell on Zelda to make her sleep forever.
8/9. oracle of seasons/ages the oracle of seasons and ages are captured. Ganon is resurected.
10. Link's awakening-Link returns to Hyrule.  He enters a dream world.