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This page deals with Inner power or ki (Chi or Qi for chinese).  Whether you believe in it or not, it's there.  If it did'nt than you could'nt be sitting here readgni this right now could you?  You would'nt realize that i made a typo in "reading", now would you?  If you still don't believe that it exists then why are you still reading this? Git outta here!  Now on with the info!


NOTE: Be careful when you should in no way use ki or mana or jing or whatever when your fighting someone for fun.  It could seriously hurt someone and yourself.  We're not responsible for your actions.


Different energy types

There are a few different kinds of energy.  They'll be explained here.


Ki/Chi/Chee/Qi- Energy in all living things, the earth, air and water..  It keeps us alive.  Able to rupture the ki flow of other living things. Color: whatever you will it to be


Mana- Free flowing energy. Exists in ALL non-living things. Color: Whatever you will it to be


Negative energy - 1) Ki used to hurt people.  It's evil and you don't want to use it.  >.< 2) used up ki that's now has no use and you might as well just get rid of it (explained later). Color: Black to red


Jing- Jing is NOT compressed Ki. If you've heard anywhere that it is,'re wrong. Jing is a type of energy all on it's own. It's more solid and more powerful than Ki. Jing takes effect on everything, living or not living. Color: Whatever you will it to be


Other stuff

Meridians/Chakras- These are energy channels.  Your energy travels through them at all times.  You have 7 main ones (Crown, Brow/Third-eye, Throat, Heart, Hara, Sex, Solar Plexus). The Chakra that you'll be concentrating on most is the Hara, which is located 2 inches below and behind your navel.


Burnout- This happens when you use tooooo much energy.  Your Meridians shutdown and you can't use ki until you've healed up. It really 5|_|(|<5.



From our experiences, it seems that everyone is a natural kinetic of some type.  (I.e. i'm a natural electrokinetic, Omega Inuyasha is a natural Aerokinetic and DG is a natural Pyrokinetic).  Find what your natural kinesis is and practice it, it could pay off.


PyroKinesis: Control over fire.

Fire fuse: Alright, to do this you should be near a heat source.  Imagine the air near the source becomming wavy from the heat.  Visualise fire comming off of it and pull it into your hand.  Send it into your Hara and visualise it taking on the form of fire.


Hell fire: type 1 (ff10 version): Make 2 fire balls that are about the size of a beach ball.  also charge some fire into your mouth.  throw the fire balls and make them zig zag. When they explode, make them turn into a HUGE pillar of fire around your target.  Breathe the fire that was in your mouth out into another ball and shoot that foward.  Now to finish it, imagine rocks and boulders rising up around you and into the opponent.


type 2 (ff7 version):  Charge your entire body up with fire.  Charge towards your opponent and make it start to snowball around you.  Run past your opponent or ram then, whichever.  Either way make the fire shoot of your body and around your opponent.


type 3 (ff8 version):  Visualise a molten rock rising up from the ground.  Don't care how big it is..just throw it at your opponent and surround it with fire on impact.


CryoKinesis: Control over ice


TetraKinesis: Control over earth (rocks n' stuff...)

Earth fuse:  Put your hand on the ground.  Visualise rocks and dirt traveling up your arm and into your hara.  Make it take on the form of a rock or something.

Earth punch:  Power up with a ki flame.  Send Tetra energy to your hand and visualise it turning to a rock.  When you punch your target visualise your hand going through it and the rock breaking.


ElectroKinesis: Control over Electricity

Electric fuse:  method 1.  find something that spins like a wheel. Spin it around and visualise it generating electricity.  Make more of it come off of it the faster it spins.  Do this for about a minute and pull the electricity off the wheel and into your body.  Make your Hara spark with electricity.

Method 2.  Go to a 4-way intersection.  Whenever a car enters the center of it, imagine the wheels creating electricity.  When you've done that enough pull the energy to some nearby metal and keep doing that until it gets to you.  Like method 1, make your hara spark.

Method 3.  Get near an electrical outlet.  Put your hands together like a kamehame wave.  Put them close to the outlet (but don't touch it) and imagine electricity comming out of it, hitting your hands.  Draw it into your body and make your hara spark.

Electrical flame:  This is like a ki flame, but with electricity.  Draw electricity off of something.  When you have a enough, make it explode.  Keep a visualisation of electricity circulating around your body.


AeroKinesis: Control over Air


Necromancy: Control over the dead

NOTE: I REFUSE to post anything for Necrokinesis.  Omega Inuyasha fired a Necro Blast at the ground on Friday and said he saw a skeleton's hand cling to a fence, and a skull rise up.  He also said a demon roseup from the ground.  He was NOT joking around, when you see him of all people, getting scared, and even tremble a little you KNOW they're not faking it. 




Here are some techs Ive come across and made. Before you use them however, you should try to channel your energy.  To do this imagine your Ki flowing through your Meridians that lead to your hands and that they're filling up with energy.  Your hands should start to tingle/feel warm/magnetic/electrical.  Now channel that energy that's in your hands up to your chest, merge into one then move to your leg.  Move it back to your arm, then send it back to your Hara (2 inches below your naval).  Easy enough...


| Ki ball tech 1 | Ki Ball tech 2 | Ki Ball tech 3 | Ki shell | Ki flame | Mana ball | Ki breathing | Grounding| Shockwave | Mana blade | Electro-ball | Kiana Ball | Soul Reaver | Electric surge | mana-ki swirl | Throwing a ki/mana ball | shooting a ki/mana ball |The Über disc| Healing Wind|Energy ray|Dark Dragon|Dragon fist|


Note: Make sure you use grounding or ki breathing before and after you train.

Ki ball 1:  This is the method for making ki balls that I started out with.  Cup your hands (fingers together or apart, whatever is best for you) and channel energy to them.  Visualize the energy comming out of your hands and into two objects (They'll look like the souls that float around in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver).  Imagine them swirling around each other, forming a ball.


Ki ball 2:  Channel energy to your hands.  When you think you have enough, put your hands infront of you and hold them 3 inches apart.  Move the energy out of your hands in a stream and make them meet each other, and as they collide, form a ball.


Ki ball 3: This is a one-handed tech.  Channel energy to either of your hands and then hold it in front of you with your hand open. Move the energy out and swirl it a bit to form a ball.


Ki ball shell: This is used to put a shell around ki balls (and mana balls) to make them more stable and keep them from dissapating.  First, make a ki ball.  Then send a little bit of energy to both of your hands and move it around the ki ball and form a hard shell (i usually visualize it freezing in place as it touches the ball).  Program it to stay in a sphere shape.  When you think you've got it, put it down on a flat surface and run your hand over it.  You should feel warmth. 


Ki Flame: This is a tech that increases agility, power, reflexes etc.  Channel energy through your entire body.  Visualize it ready to explode.  Make it glow around your body and then make it explode in a flame around you.  Move the energy in and out of your body in a cycle.  Don't just leave it there and forget about it, that's just wasting it.  You should feel tingling around your entire body. (This is what they use in DBZ when they look like they have flames around them).


Mana Ball: You already know that mana is free flowing energy. So get into a position that you would use to make a ki ball. Now look around you at things to draw energy from. Start out with 3 objects or so then move on.  Slowly imagine mana being drawn out of the objects and in between your hands, forming a ball. You'll feel the same thing you get when u make a ki ball.


Ki breathing: This is used to replace negative energy with ki energy. When you breathe in, take the air in through your nose. Visualize yourself breathing in Ki and it's filling up your body. When you exhale, visualize the negative energy leaving your body through your mouth.


Grounding: This is similar to Ki breathing, but ki breathing is better for you and I find grounding easier to do. Visualize roots shooting out of your feet and deep into the ground. Draw ki from the earth up them, into your legs, and store it in your Hara when you inhale. When you exhale, breathe out negative enrgy like you would with ki breathing.


Shockwave: This one i made and it seems to be pretty effective. Channel a decent amount of ki to your dominant hand. Now, when you strike your target, move the energy out in the form of waves. I've tested this on my arm and it hurts like a hell.


Mana blade: I made this when i was at DG's house. I havn't tested it yet, but feel free to do so. First, make a mana ball using the one-hand tech (or you can use both and CAREFULLY put it into one of your hands). When you think it's powerful enough. Use your will power to shape it into a sword. When you attack something with it, visualize it slicing right through it, kinda like a lightsaber.  Make yourself believe it will cut whatever you want it to.


Electro-ball: This is an electrokinesis tech. Before you can use it however, you must first learn how to use EK. Close your eyes and visualize electricity shooting and popping all over your body. Do this for 10-15 minutes a day and eventually you'll start to hear the electricity popping and crackling. THIS MAY TAKE WEEKS! When this happens, you can start. First make a ki ball. Then visualize your arms chargiing with an enormous amount of electricity and it's channeling to your hands. Move it out into the ki ball and mix it with it.


Kiana Ball: I've made this one and it works quite well. In one hand make a mana ball. In your other make a ki ball.  When they're powerfull enough, bring your hands together and compact the ki and mana together. Now make a ki shell around it and you've made a kiana ball.


Soul Reaver: This is another form of the mana blade.  Make a mana ball. Then have it attach to your fingers and the palm of your hand. Make it extend outward like you would with the mana blade. Now charge your arm and hand up with ki. Make the Ki in your hand swirl around the mana and the ki in your arm run down it like electricity. Program the Mana to harm your opponent and the Ki to absorb ki from your opponent. To get a better visualization, think of the Soul Reaver in the Legacy of Kain series.


Electric Serge: This is another electrokinesis tech. Charge Some ki to both of your hands. Now mix electricity with it and move it out of your hands, but don't make it leave your hand completly, just sit there sparking on your hand. Pull your hands back and power them up with a ki flame.  make a fist (optional) and draw some mana in to your hands and charge 'em with a little bit of ki. Use the extra energy to charge up the electricity and smash your hands right into your opponent and shock em with it. Just be careful not to use too much energy. You don't want to cause a burnout or harm your opponent to much. This is still experimental.


Mana-Ki swirl: Make a mana ball in one hand and a ki ball in the other. Put your hands together (as if you were doing a Kamahamaha Wave) and slowly make the energy balls swirl outward and mix with each other at the end.  Shoot the rest of the energy out quickly in a swirl pattern.


Throwing a ki/mana ball: NOTE: This is much easier with the ki shell tech. Make a ki or mana ball and then put a shell around it (optional). Now throw it. But don't just throw your arm foward. Keep the ball in a sphere shape as you pull your arm back and as you throw it (also as you throw it, visualize the ball leaving your hand and flying foward in the direction you threw it, otherwise it will just dissapate into the air)


Blasting a Ki/Mana ball: Make a ki or mana ball Cross your hands and thrust them out foward. If your hand stop tingling/feeling warm/whatever then you've lost the ki ball and will have to start over. If you keep the ball, tighten all the muscles in your arms and hands and use your will power to shoot the ball foward.


The Über Disc: First make a mana ball.  Flatten it out and shape it like a disc.  Then add a ring of ki around it (it should be VERY thin and attached to the mana).  This will act as a blade kinda thing.  Then make 5 or 6 negative ki balls and make them circle around the disc.  program it with your ishi (will power) so that your arm will control it's movement.  When your done, fire away.


Healing wind: This is based on Aeris' limit break from ff7.  I'm still experimenting with it.  When you normally want to cure someone or multiple ppl at a disance, it may take the ki a longer time to reach them, it may not even reach.  This will speed up the movement of the ki and increase it's range.  Gather up some air particles inbetween your hands.  Shape it into a ball.  Channel some ki into it and create wind that will carry the ki from the ball to the target.  When it reaches it's target, use your normal healing method.


energy ray: Make a compressed kiana ball on your index finger.   Then just fire it out in a very thin beam, exploding as it touched the ground.


Dark Dragon: Make a negative ki ball and surround it with electricity in the shape of a dragon thats attached to your arm. 

Launch it at your target (just throw a punch) and have it latch on by the mouth and explode.


Dragon fist: You'll need to get the dark dragon mastered for this.  First power up with a ki flame.  Make a dark dragon and punch at your target.  When your fist hits them visualise the dragon penetrating it's skin and exploding on the inside.

Dark comet:  This one is simple. Make some dark energy balls, throw them up into the air, charge em with some pyrokinesis and drop em at high speeds.

More will be added when i get the time...

-Master Gohan