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^_^ lol its Dark Goten! ======>

**My News**

Ok, heres teh info on the movie: we are gonna take a loooooooong time to finish it. AGH!! this pisses me off a lot... cuz we cant put it in DVD form cuz it will be WAY too big for the site; BUT! we got the camera fixed!!! i hope it'll be up during this year tho. if not, well that just means that we'r perfecting our Ki Techniques to use in the movie, me with Telekinesis, MG with Electrokinesis, O-Inuyasha with Aerokinesis, and our friends ryan and emmanuel with cryokinesis and tetrakinesis. Good Luck to us, and this movie will be worth waiting for. *_^
And heres the info on my game, Eating Frenzy. I'm not done yet. BUT, all i need is a .wav of the count from sesame street saying: "Ah Ah Ah Ah!" then it'll be done. Then you can download it on the submissions and games page soon!!!
And, if you havent noticed, i deleted all of my posts to clean up my page. i re-wrote the most important ones tho, so dont think u missed anything. I'm just going to edit the paragraphs from now on, so cya.(new info will have a new date near it and say *NEW*)

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