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RPG Ultima

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This page is dedicated to the hard work we put into this website. It all started when Master Gohan [GOH - HAHN] was in the middle of 7th grade, along with the rest of us. Master Gohan started RPG Ultima around january 2003ish.. Shortly after, BanjoMario, for those of you who remember him, joined. Later, still in that same year, I, Dark Goten, [GOH - TEN] met Master Gohan in my 7th grade X period class, then ended up joining after sending an e-mail.... Then, Dovil [DOH - VYLE] asked Master Gohan if he could join. He said yes, and e became a part (only to later end up hating the site...). Soon after, I asked my friend, who is now Omega Inuyasha [IN - OO - YAH - SHAH], if he wanted to join. He said no at first, but about a month later he joined anyway. The rest of the members were just asked and they answered "yes" (obviously).